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At Professional Adoption & Family Services (PA&FS), we understand the demands of a hospital workday and strive to work alongside hospital staff to make adoption planning as seamless as possible. We recognize that every hospital is unique in procedure and mission, and we are committed to working within the guidelines and policies of each hospital. We provide on-call services and are always available to assist even on weekends, holidays, or outside of normal business hours.

Services Provided by Professional Adoption & Family Services

PA&FS is dedicated to helping women create the adoption plan that is right for them. We believe that women considering adoption should be able to choose the family for their child and build the type of relationship that is most comfortable for them. All adoptive families with PA&FS are trained in open adoption and are willing to honor a first parent's wishes in regard to post-adoption contact and visitation.

We provide guidance and support to everyone involved in the adoption process. The PA&FS staff is available to assist first parents and their families. If, for any reason, a parent considering adoption decides that adoption placement is not right for them, we continue to support them on their journey, and will provide referrals to resources that can assist them in parenting.

Our services include the following:

● We offer free in-service training for hospital staff, either in person or via video conference, as well as training materials and handouts.

● First parents receive free professional counseling through PA&FS both before and after the placement, for as long as needed.

● A counselor is available for parents considering adoption 24/7 during their hospital stay.

● PA&FS social workers are intimately familiar with the laws regarding adoption and foster care placement. We assist clients in each step of the adoption process, including paperwork and placement considerations.

● Quick adoption planning is available for situations where parents choose adoption after birth. We answer calls at all hours, including weekends, evenings and holidays, and are ready to meet with and assist at any time.

● We have pre-approved families who are able to come to the hospital, meet with parents considering adoption and can provide immediate care for a child.

Whom Do We Work With at Professional Adoption & Family Services?

At PA&FS, we offer real-worl

d experience and understanding. We regularly work with parents considering adoption who may have backgrounds with substance abuse, mental health, and/or medical concerns. We strive to provide compassionate services utilizing research-based approaches to address client needs.

PA&FS is an inclusive agency where we value diversity and provide culturally competent services. We work with first parents and adoptive families of all races, cultures, religions, sexual orientations and ethnic backgrounds. We often work with interpreters to overcome language barriers, and we have many families fluent in languages other than English.

Professional Adoption & Family Services is committed to providing support throughout the adoption process to hospital staff, birth families and adoptive families alike. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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