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Our agency assists with building and supporting families by providing quality open adoption and counseling-based services.

What We Offer


Pre-Adoption Education

Considering adoption? We provide education about the requirements of domestic open adoption and will help you explore whether adoption is the right option for your family. Professional Adoption & Family Services proudly serves qualified adopting parents regardless of religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or marital status.

Professional Adoption offers FREE, virtual Adoption Education Sessions one Saturday per month. Everyone is welcome to attend and learn more about domestic adoption and working with our agency.

Home Study &
Home Study Updates

Completing the Home Study can be daunting for adoptive parents - we will educate you about the home study process so that you have confidence in completing the required paperwork and documents needed. Our team will complete the home study report or home study update and submit for approval, ensuring it meets all State of Georgia requirements.

Referrals for
Matching Services

We refer our clients to a network of trusted partners for matching services based on family needs and priorities. 

Post-Placement Services
& Counseling

We complete post-placement supervision visits and reports to meet the legal requirements to finalize the adoption (Agency Consent to Adopt, Court Reports as applicable). Our families receive ongoing support and service referrals as needed to help adopting families thrive.

Professional Adoption & Family Services is a non-profit, licensed and counseling-based open adoption agency that educates and supports adoptive and birth parents through the process of building families. 


We provide ethical, best-practices adoption services, which is why we facilitate open adoptions and emphasize education and counseling for all parties. Families that work with us benefit from customized and responsive support that we are able to provide as a small, boutique agency. Unlike many other agencies, we are committed to inclusion and work with diverse families.


Why Us

“We would heartily recommend Professional Adoption & Family Services for anyone doing a private adoption in Georgia. We are big believers in counseling as part of the open adoption process and the agency has a big emphasis on counseling both the birthmothers and the adoptive families. Our adoption journey has been amazing. We have the child that we always dreamed of and have forged new family relationships with our baby's birth family.”
~Joe and Marcus, Adoptive Parents

“I can say that this journey has been truly a positive experience. The adoptive parents have become family. We have spent holidays together and just hung out before and after my granddaughter was born. I cannot imagine not having them in our lives. My granddaughter will grow up knowing her entire family. There will never be a question of where she came from or who she is. She is surrounded by love. I cannot say enough about open adoption. Professional Adoption & Family Services doesn’t disappear after an adoption is finalized. They are there for support long after.”
~Jacqui, Birth Grandmother

"We had the pleasure of working with Kristine during the adoption of our daughter in January of 2019.  We had previously worked with numerous other social workers and Kristine was by far the best we had been connected with.  Not only did she work at all hours of the day and night on our behalf, we truly felt like she cared for each party she was involved with.  We are so thankful we have Kristine in our corner and we still feel comfortable almost two years later reaching out to her.  If we do choose to adopt again in the future, Kristine would absolutely be our first choice in assisting us with that Process."
~Brittany, Adoptive Parent
"We have our beautiful son thanks to the incredible services of Professional Adoption and Family Services.  They were literally a lifesaver!  We have worked with other agencies before and have many friends in adoption circles- and this agency is by FAR our favorite!  Thank you Kristine and Professional Adoption!  We are forever thankful for you!!
~Chance and Brittany, Adoptive Parents



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